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When considering doing a reroofing project, it is best to be familiar with the basics of the reroofing process. Each roof has various conditions that can limit roof product choices and affect the cost of the roofing project. Knowing the basics is also good for having a discussion with a professional White Plains roofing contractor.

First in the process is finding out if the roof project requires a building permit. If a permit is needed, then the contractor should be clear on who will obtain it and how it will be obtained. Double checking local building codes is also a good idea.

Next, homeowners should understand the limitations of the slope of the roof to be worked on. The roof slope is the number of inches vertically, also called the vertical rise, by the number of feet horizontally, also called the horizontal run. Sometimes roof slopes limit the types of shingles that can be used. For example, a roof slope below 2 inches per foot cannot use shingles.

The next question to answer about the reroofing project is whether to remove the old roofing material or to lay the new roof over it. Removing the old roof before installing a new one is called a tear off.

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Laying the new roof over the existing roof is called a layover. Layovers are easier and cheaper to do, but they are not always the best choice.

Doing a tear off has its own advantages. One advantage is that any defects in the roof deck will be revealed when the roof is torn off. Contractors just repair the defects before applying the new roof. Tear offs also reveal condensation problems so that they can be eliminated by installing proper ventilation. When doing a tear off, waterproofing underlayment can be installed as well. This helps protect against future leaks. Tear offs are also more likely to have a finer, cleaner finished looked.

When deciding between a layover and a tear off, it is important to consider how much weight will be on the roof. Too much weight on the trusses can cause structural issues in the long run. This is why it is better to do a tear off if it is affordable. Having extra roof layers can cause issues. The extra weight can cause sagging of the rafters over time. It can also result in issues at the gutters, and additional layers may cause the roof to be elevated above the natural line of the troughs. Also, if the shingles are old, brittle and easily breakable, there is no benefit to keeping them.

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