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The spring and summer seasons often bring heavy winds and rainfall to many areas of the United States. Ensuring that the home's roof is adequately protected from these weather patterns is extremely important. Homeowners who are experiencing damages to the interior of their homes from leaky roofs might be facing the challenge of identifying the sources of the leaks.

Fortunately, White Plains Roofing professionals are extensively trained to be able to identify the sources, and they know that searching for leaks is often more complicated than just looking for water ceiling spots. For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to have their roofs professionally inspected at least twice a year. In many cases, contractors can remedy minor problems before they become major ones that require extensive repairs and costs.

For homeowners whose roofs have exceeded their estimated longevity, there are a variety of ways roofing contractors can install waterproof roofing materials in order to protect the interior of the home from water damage. Contractors can install a layer of tar paper or felt in between the shingles and the rafters in order to increase the roof's waterproofing capabilities. Thermoplastic polyolefin is a much more durable, lightweight option that is also a breathable material. It allows water vapor to pass through the membrane, which effectively keeps condensation from becoming a problem in the attic area.

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While wooden shingles are often featured on historic homes, many homeowners prefer installing this type of roofing shingle because it creates a unique finish. However, wooden shingles can easily develop mold, moss and mildew if not properly treated, and they can be prone to becoming rotted from water damage. Roofing contractors can apply oil or water based compounds on top of the shingles in order to make them more water resistant. The application can be rolled, sprayed, or brushed directly on the shingles.

An important component of the roof that must be properly installed and sealed is the flashing, which is featured around the pipes, chimney, skylights and other vents that protrude the surface of the roof, as well as any joints on the roof. Flashing should always be replaced whenever a new roof is being installed in order to prevent water leaks from developing. The thin metal sheets can become corroded over a period of time, which could leave the roof exposed in areas. After new flashing is installed, roofing contractors will ensure the perimeters are sealed with a waterproof sealant, such as silicone.

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