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The roof of a house is normally weatherproofed as it is installed. This involves many delicate procedures such as flashing and insulation. Over time, these installations may become worn down and need to be inspected to see if they have to be replaced. A White Plains roofing expert can give advice in how to weatherproof a roof. The following are a few things to look for when inspecting a roof for weatherproofing.

Flashing usually comes in the form of metal strips around areas that are placed at an angle on the roof. These areas include chimneys, gables or windows and other openings. These parts cannot be directly waterproofed by shingles as the angle is too sharp. Flashing is made up of metal plates in these areas that lead the water away and block it from entering cracks in the roof. In addition to diverting the water, flashing also prevents erosion by protecting the shingles that are in areas where water run off is most concentrated.

While there are many materials that can be used for flashing, the most useful would be made of a zinc alloy. Zinc is particularly resistant to corrosion and advanced wear. In addition, zinc prevents the growth of mold and other organisms over the top of the roof. Most materials for flashing are environmentally friendly, but lead flashing is still widely available in the United States.

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A homeowner should consult a roofer to ensure that the flashing installed is lead free.

Insulation is also an important part of weatherproofing a home. Insulation is especially important in areas that get strong wintry weather. Snow can pile up on a roof over time and cause ice to form. When the home is not properly insulated, the heat escapes and melts the ice. This melted ice refreezes once more, which causes further problems. These problems can range from erosion and leaks to actual dangers such as roof collapse. If a home is being inspected, the homeowner should have the contractor check and see if the insulation needs replacement as well.

Insulation is most commonly the fiberglass material used as filling in empty spaces that prevent heat transfer. However, this is not the only way a home is insulated. Homeowners should also have vents and light fixtures checked in their attic to see if they are properly sealed. An easy way to check for this is to hold the back of the hand up to the lighting. If there is any sense of airflow, such as a slight breeze, the fixture is not sealed. Proper ventilation is key to household insulation.

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