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In purely functional terms, the roof is quite likely the most critical aspect of a home. As long as the roof keeps out the weather, a house provides its most basic purpose: providing shelter. When something begins to go wrong, homeowners should count on a roofing contractor to give them well reasoned, reliable advice. Most White Plains roofing professionals are glad to provide no obligation consultations and written estimates. Before that first meeting, it is important to know what questions to ask.

A homeowner's first priority should be to establish the credibility of the company that the roofer represents. Ask whether the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. The contractor should be able to demonstrate these certifications. Homeowners should also find out whether the contractor has been involved in any litigation or whether the company has changed ownership or changed its name in the past five years. If there have been any bankruptcies or changes in ownership, it can be difficult to track down evidence of past lawsuits or unhappy customers. For a representation of past customers' experiences, ask the contractor for references and contact a few.

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After established that the contractor is reliable, it's worth finding out a few more details about exactly how he or she will undertake a project. Ask how many times they have done comparable projects in recent years. Check on the specific techniques they will use. For example, if they are replacing the roof, confirm that they will first remove the old roof. Confirm, too, that they will install drip edge or edge metal around the new roof and that they will use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to protect the gutters.

In addition to the roofing work itself, discuss all of the related aspects of the project. Ask whether they will provide the refuse container, if necessary, and clear away all waste material. Ask about warranty information, both from the manufacturer and from the contractor. For roof replacement, confirm the cost of plywood, per sheet, in case any decking needs replacement. Ask whether there will be someone on site during the project to discuss issues as they arise.

In essence, the initial consultation is the homeowner's opportunity to get a written estimate and size up the roofing company. For such a critical aspect of home renovation and construction, it's imperative that one knows what to expect when getting into a project. Doing so will minimize the risk of hiring an unscrupulous roofing contractor and increase the chances of complete customer satisfaction in the end.

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