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Commercial building owners have the challenge of deciding whether it is best to repair an existing roof, install new roofing material over existing material, or completely remove the old roof and start from scratch. Yorktown NY roofing professionals understand how challenging this situation can be because there are many factors that come into play when making this decision.

Building owners realize that making the wrong decision will not only affect their bottom line, but it will also affect the long term performance of a roof, lead to premature roof failure, and put the health and well being of those inside at risk. When pondering this decision, building owners must first consider why and how roofs fail.

It is very rare for a roof to fail all of a sudden. It is more common for a roof failure to occur as a result of poor maintenance, overall neglect, thermal stress caused by changes in weather, chemical spills, UV rays that deteriorate the roof, or roof traffic that damages roofing material.

It is very easy for untrained maintenance crews to overlook signs of damage. This is especially the case if the existing roof is built over a vapor barrier or was built over a previous roof.

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If this happens, water that penetrates the outer roofing layer will become trapped and weaken roofing components, even though it is not leaking into the building. Building owners and management will need to be aware of the roof's history to make an objective decision about whether a replacement roof or a roof repair is best.

After reviewing the roof's history, building owners will want to hire a roofing contractor to visually evaluate the condition of the roof. The contractor will be able to provide an objective evaluation with the purpose of both identifying any deficiencies and identifying the root causes of the deficiency with the purpose of creating a long term solution.

A thorough roof evaluation will include checking the roof deck for deterioration. A good contractor will know that roof deck deterioration cannot always be seen from below because it might have been painted over or otherwise obstructed. Flashings, waterproofing membranes, expansion joints, and roof sheet metal should also be reviewed. In some cases, core samples of the roofing system, including its vapor barrier, underlayment, and waterproofing membrane, will be removed from the roof in order to examine its condition.

Building owners and building managers walk a tight line when determining how to address a deteriorating roof. They do not wish to spend money frivolously, but they also realize that failure to act can lead to expensive roofing problems in the future.

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