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A common question that Yorktown NY roofing companies field is how long a new roof will last. A new roof is an expensive proposition for the average homeowner. New roofs are generally not covered by insurance, and homeowners must find a balance between the upfront expenses and the total cost of ownership. This is why longevity is such an important issue, but the answer is usually not simple and depends greatly on environmental factors and the chosen roofing material.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in North America. The standard asphalt shingle, usually a three tab shingle, made today is expected to last about 15 years, and many leading manufacturers offer a 12 to 15 year warranty on manufacturer defects. Architectural shingles, also called decorative shingles, are a newer type of asphalt shingle that is becoming more commonplace. Architectural shingles are generally expected to last about 30 years. Warranties on basic asphalt shingles can be as long as 25 years and as long as 50 years for decorative shingles.

Wood and shake roofing is often considered a luxury because they are only expected to last 20 to 30 years, on average, yet the materials cost significantly more than asphalt shingles that provide similar service. It is also important to note that wood and shake roofing require a substantial amount of maintenance compared to other types of roofing.

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This maintenance increases the total cost of ownership, and if not performed, the roof may only last half the expectancy or less.

Tile and slate roofing may be the most expensive kinds of roofing of all, but they also provide the greatest longevity while requiring the least amount of maintenance. Tile roofs are expected to last about 50 years, and slate roofs are expected to last at least 100 years. Slate roofs, however, can easily last 150 years or more. Slate is expensive, which is why not everyone uses it, and many roofs require inspections and build up before slate can be installed.

Metal roofs generally come with warranties of as much as 40 years, but technology for preparing metal, installing it and protecting it has come a long way in the last century. In other words, many modern metal roofs can outlast their warranties by more than double. Homeowners should keep in mind that most metal roofs will require a recoating every 10 years or so. Homeowners may choose to do it every five years or so for aesthetic reasons, however, which can significantly increase total cost of ownership.

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