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When the time comes to repair an asphalt roof, homeowners must decide if they are going to tear off the old shingles and completely replace the roof or if they are going to have new shingles applied over the existing ones. Yorktown NY roofing professionals understand that each decision has its pros and its cons. There are some basic guidelines that homeowners can use when trying to make an informed decision.

In some cases, tearing off old shingles before applying new ones is not necessary. If a roof has just one layer of shingles, the shingles are not curling and blistering, and if the decking is in good condition, it may not be necessary to tear off an old roof. Old shingles that are in relatively good condition can provide a secondary layer of protection for the home. Homeowners who choose to go this route will save money because they will not have to pay to have the old shingles removed or disposed of. Before choosing to go this route, though, homeowners should have their contractor check local building codes to make sure adding a second layer of shingles is allowed.

There are certain situations where a homeowner will have no option but to tear off shingles. For example, if a roof inspection shows that there is wood rot, that the decking has begun to warp, or that there are huge gaps between the deck boards, then all rotted and damaged boards must be repaired and replaced before putting on new shingles.

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In most counties, building codes do not allow more than two layers of shingles to be installed on a roof. This is because the majority of roofing systems were not designed to support the weight of three layers of shingles. Additionally, if a roofing structure is sagging along the ridge or truss lines or if the roof does not appear to be straight or solid, old roofing materials should be removed so that the roofing structure can be inspected for structural defects.

Finally, if a roofing contractor determines that the shingles are so distorted that it would be impossible to flatten all the raised areas enough to lay a new layer of shingles evenly, a homeowner should consider a complete tear off.

Most roofing professionals prefer to tear off old asphalt shingles and start from scratch. This will give them the chance to examine the decking and the underlayment of the roof to make sure that everything is in good working order.

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