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Yorktown NY Roofing: Article About Roof Repair Options

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Many homeowners face the dilemma of whether they should repair, replace, or recover their roof. It is good for homeowners to consult with Yorktown NY roofing professionals while making this decision since such people can provide valuable insights.

Roof repair may be an option if the original roofing system was designed correctly and installed well. Repairing the roof is the least expensive option, and it can serve as a temporary stopgap as homeowners make financial plans to replace the roof in the future.

A second option is to recover the roof. This involves leaving the existing roofing material in place and covering over it with new roofing material. This option is less expensive than a complete replacement because a homeowner does not have to tear off the old roof, and it also requires less time to do the job. In the short term, this option is environmentally friendly because older roofing material is not thrown into a landfill.

At first glance, many homeowners feel that a roof recover is the best option. However, there are some things that should be considered. For example, does the local building code allow homeowners to add a second layer of roofing material? Will adding additional roofing material put additional stress on the rafters and trusses in the home? What impact will adding a second roofing layer have on homeowners' insurance coverage?

If homeowners do choose to recover the roof, it is recommended that they use a laminated shingle since these do not need to be perfectly fitted to existing shingles.

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Since laminated shingles are thicker, they will cover over any bumps or irregularities in the existing roofing material.

The third option is to replace the roof. This is the most expensive and most invasive option. However, it may be the only choice available to a homeowner, especially if their roof has a history of leaking. Doing a complete tear off will allow a contractor to evaluate waterproofing membranes as well as the roof's deck and other components of the roofing system.

Roof decks that have been damaged as a result of wood rot, wildlife infestation, or punctures may not have the strength to hold a second layer of roofing material and could lead to the real danger of blow off. If homeowners have any doubt as to the condition of their existing roofing system, it is better for them to do a complete tear off and reroof. That way, they will know that their roof is sound.

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