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It can be difficult for homeowners and business owners to decide when it is best for them to stop attempting to repair the roof and instead to call a Yorktown NY roofing contractor to come out and replace it. Many building owners procrastinate because they cannot afford to replace the roof.

However, if they procrastinate for too long, their roof may become unsafe, and the cost of fixing it will increase exponentially. An example of this is a commercial building owner who hesitates to replace the roof and instead opts to have minor repairs done to fix leaks. Over time, the leaks become so pervasive that the steel deck underneath the roof rusts through. Once that happens, a relatively inexpensive roof recovering job now becomes an expensive tear off that includes replacing a steel deck. If the problem was taken care of when it first appeared, it would have cost four to five times less than it will now.

A good way for a homeowner to determine if now is the time to replace a roof is to first speak to a contractor and get an estimate on how much it will cost to replace the roof. They can then take the estimate cost and divide it by the number of years they intend on occupying the building.

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If the number they end up with is anywhere near the amount of money they are spending on repairs, the best option is to replace the roof.

Comprehensive roofing repairs, when they are done correctly and by a professional, can extend the life of a dying roof. However, patching up the roof will not make the problem disappear. Every time repairs are done on an older roof, it is recommended that a roofing inspection is also done with the goal of identifying minor problems that have the potential to cause the roofing system to buckle or fail.

All homeowners and business owners must remember that there will come a time where they will need to replace their roof. Putting repairs off for too long will only make the problem worse and will increase the amount paid for roof repairs and roof replacements.

Most homeowners and business owners do not have the expertise necessary to evaluate the condition of their roof. It is recommended that they speak to an engineer or an architect who can review the structure of their roof and assist them with inspections, surveys, and other plans that will be required for repairs and reinstallation.

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