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Yorktown NY roofing professionals know that a homeowner must perfectly time when they choose to replace a roof. If they replace their roof too soon, they might waste money that they could have used on another project. However, if they take too long, a simple roofing repair may turn into an expensive roofing nightmare.

In order to perfectly time when to replace a roof, a homeowner must first evaluate the condition of the roof as well as pinpoint signs that a roof is on the verge of failing. Roofs that have a small amount of damage but are in overall good shape may only need spot repairs. However, roofs that are more than 20 years old and that are starting to show signs of serious wear and tear should be replaced.

Homeowners have the responsibility to be alert and check their roof every year. Trouble signs would include things like dark areas on the ceiling, water stains on the pipes that vent water heaters or furnaces, and paint that is peeling on the underside of roof overhangs.

It is not necessary for homeowners to climb on their roof to evaluate its health.

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They can use binoculars and look for signs of cracking in the caulking, rust on flashings, and shingles that are worn out, are curling up, or have blisters. They can also look for deterioration around the chimney pipes or skylights.

If during spring cleaning homeowners finds a collection of granules from their asphalt tiles in their gutters, this is a bad sign. These granules are designed to protect the roof from UV rays.

If homeowners see black algae stains on the roof, they should not be alarmed as these can simply be cleaned off. However, lichen growth usually means that a roof is decaying from underneath.

If after a cursory inspection homeowners see something that worries them, especially if their roof is already old or has been damaged by a heavy storm, it would be good to have a roofing professional come over and give a professional opinion of the situation. Roofing contractors may determine that the roof is basically sound but just needs a few spot repairs; on the other hand, they may see that the roofing system is on the verge of failure and requires a complete tear off and reroofing job.

No one looks forward to roofing repairs. However, it is always in a homeowner's best interests to be proactive and to fix minor roofing problems before they turn into large scale disasters.

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